Contact person in case of (sexually) assaultive behavior: equal opportunities representative Prof. Dr. Stephanie Goeke

Equal opportunities at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Ludwigsburg

The fundamental university-wide goal of equal opportunities is to achieve and maintain gender equality by eliminating existing and preventing future disadvantages and discrimination. At the university, particular attention is paid to the compatibility of family and studies, e.g. through the university's own childcare facilities. In addition, it is important for universities to achieve gender parity at all qualification levels, to reduce structural disadvantages and to ensure equal development opportunities.

The equal opportunity mandate at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Ludwigsburg, which affects students, is also a special one. Two exemplary aspects: Female students are significantly overrepresented in all degree programs at the university. In this respect, one of the equality goals is to increase the proportion of male students. The disproportionate share of women also continues in the practical fields of the degree programs offered by the university. However, while women increasingly work in leading positions, men are more likely to reach management level. Consequently, another goal is to anchor gender equality issues in teaching and research and to specifically promote female careers.

The Equal Opportunity Representative is the contact person for all university members in individual cases. She is committed to the realization of gender equality in higher education policy. Suggestions and requests regarding equal opportunities at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Ludwigsburg are expressly welcome.

The Equal Opportunity Representative is part of the team of the Office for Diversity.

Senate Resolution "Study of Diversity"

The Senate of the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Ludwigsburg passed a resolution on the "Study of Diversity" on July 12, 2017 at the request of the student initiative "Bunt für's Leben" (university community): The university sees it as its task to strengthen the awareness of discrimination among students and lecturers based on human rights in order to prevent discriminatory incidents. All students and lecturers who work professionally with people are called upon to perceive diversity and to treat their counterparts with respect and tolerance.

To the resolution "Study of Diversity" (in German)


Prof. Dr. Stephanie Goeke

Prof. Dr.
Stephanie Goeke

Equal Opportunities Representative
Prof. Dr. Rolf Ahlrichs

Prof. Dr.
Rolf Ahlrichs

Deputy Equal Opportunities Representative