"Enthinderung" at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Ludwigsburg

Breaking down barriers and encouraging inclusive structures

Here you can find the Disability Regulations (Enthinderungsordnung) (in German) of the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Ludwigburg.

Accessibility is very important to us. For this purpose we offer our service for designing accessible lecture notes, documents and forms, and other helpful materials. For more information please visit our German page.

In addition, we would like to point out our "accessible campus navigation app" (in German) that helps people to find their way around our campus in Ludwigsburg.

Application for a disadvantage compensation

Compensations for disadvantages are an important instrument for creating equal opportunities for participation in studies and for avoiding discrimination. They are part of the "reasonable precautions" that the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities also provides for the field of education. Students with disabilities and chronic illnesses have a statutory right to compensation for disadvantages in their studies and examinations (see also Studies and Disability: Compensation for disadvantages in studies and examinations in German). Compensation for disadvantages is not a "benefit", but compensates for individual and situation-related disadvantages caused by impairments. Therefore, they can only be granted if necessary and appropriate.

For further information regarding possible disadvantage compensations, please contact the the Enthinderungs-representative via e-mail.


Stephan Thalheim

Stephan Thalheim

Representative for all questions of breaking down barriers for people with disabilities and encouraging inclusive structures
(responsible for Campus Reutlingen)