Incoming students

The Protestant University of Applied Sciences (EH) offers incoming students from our partner universities the opportunity to live and learn in an open and practice-oriented environment.

We are pleased that you are interested in studying at the EH. The International Office will assist you both before and during your stay to make sure you benefit from your experience. On the following pages you find information about how to apply for your stay at the EH Ludwigsburg, how to prepare for it, what to do at your arrival, how to finance your stay, and where to live.

For any remaining questions, please feel free to contact us at the International Office.


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Which courses to take?

The Protestant University (EH) Ludwigsburg offers classes in Social Work, Early Childhood Education, Deaconry, Religious Eduaction, Nursing and Care, and Inclusive Pedagogy and Special Needs Education.

Seminars offered in German:

If you have a B2-level in German, you may take part in any of our courses offered. For a list of courses offered in the current semester, have a look here

Seminars offered in English:

We have a limited amount of courses offered in English, mainly in our International Social Work program. Exchange programme



Academic year at EH Ludwigsburg:

Summer Semester 2023
3rd April 2023 - 28th July 2023

Winter semester 2023-2024:
9th October 2023 - 23th Febuary 2024

How to apply at the Protestant University?

If you are considering to spend a semester at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences (EH), please make sure to send the application forms until 15th May (autumn term)/30th November (spring term) to the International Office. The needed forms are:

  • Application form  Application Form for Incoming Students
  • Europass Curriculum Vitae - you can use this page for creating it.
  • Motivational letter - explaining why you would like to study at our university, your previous practical experiences and what you expect to gain from your stay in Ludwigsburg
  • Transcript of Records
  • Language Certificates (English: level B1 or higher; German: B2 or higher if you intend to choose German courses as well)

We also offer the coordination of Traineeships in the field of Nursing. If you wish to apply for a placement under the supervision of EH Ludwgisburg, please complete this questionnaire:

Once you have sent the needed documents, the EH Ludwigsburg will check them and, if your application is accepted, send you a letter confirming your admission as incoming exchange student.

How to prepare for your stay?

Start your preparations early!

  • Check your passport and apply for visa, if needed. This page will give you an overview about applying for visa in Germany.
  • Organize your travel requirements and inform the International Office of the EH about your arrival date.
  • Have coverage for health, liability and accident insurances for the duration of your stay in Germany. Have the certificates with you during your stay in Germany.
  • Financing: You find information on scholarships and the average living costs in Germany below.
  • Housing: You find information on housing below.

Arriving in Germany

First of all: Welcome to Germany!

After your arrival, you need to register your residency at the Ludwigsburg town hall (Einwohnermeldebehörde and Ausländerbehörde). For this registration you need the following documents:

  • Enrolment certificate (you will get it at the EH)
  • Documents concerning financial situation, scholarship contract
  • Confirmation of health insurance
  • Passport
  • Two biometrical passport pictures

You will be introduced at the EH by the International Office. The EH will provide you with a certificate of enrolment (Studienausweis). For the certificate of enrolment, you need one more passport picture, your visa documents, and a copy of your health insurance certificate.

As a regular procedure, you will have the chance to participate in German language classes at the University of Education Ludwigsburg (PH Ludwigsburg) which is a partner university of the EH Ludwigsburg. The PH Ludwigsburg is situated some 5 kms. from the EH Campus. They offer classes at different levels so that beginners and more experienced students can attend. Let us know before your arrival if you are interested in attending language classes. Please note that there are extra costs for these language classes.

The EH Ludwigsburg runs a Buddy Program which can be helpful for you. Several students of the EH have agreed to “Buddy” incoming students. This means that the buddies will help especially in your first weeks of adjustment in Germany. The buddies will provide orientation in the campus and city surroundings, study programs and requirements, and supportive information for your intercultural adjustment. Since you will be provided with the contact data of your buddy, you are then advised to get in contact with your buddy before your arrival in Germany.

At the end of your stay, the EH will hand you a certificate of completion and a transcript of records for your home university.

How to finance your stay in Germany?

When you are accepted at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences (EH) Ludwigsburg, as incoming student from one of our partner universities you will not have to pay tuition fee. However, you would have to be prepared to cover other necessary costs of living in Germany. The average cost of living for students is about 700 Euros per month. For a five month semester stay in Germany, this would total to 3,500 Euros. If you are able to get a scholarship, this might partially cover the general cost of living.

Main expenses during your stay

  • Rent for the room: about 250 - 500 Euros per month
  • Administrative charges and social service contribution (Studierendenwerksbeitrag): about 100 Euros per semester
  • Lunch at the university canteen (Mensa): about 3 Euros each
  • Student’s ticket for public transport (if needed): 207 Euros per semester


Should you come from an Erasmus partner university, you would be covered by a partial scholarship under the student mobility program of your home university.

If your stay can not be financed through Erasmus+, you can also apply for a Baden-Württemberg scholarship. You find Information about it on the website of the Baden-Württemberg foundation.

The German Academic Exchange Service is a database which collects different scholarships for both German and international students. Have a look through their scholarships here.

In case you have questions or doubts about how to finance your stay, feel free to contact the International Office at io(at)


Where to live during your stay?

The Protestant University of Applied Sciences (EH) can nominate students for student housing either in Ludwigsburg or in Stuttgart. If you would like to be nominated, let us know at least four months before the start of the semester. There are two options:

1. Karlshöhe Ludwigsburg : There are shared flats for students which are located close to the campus as well as inclusive shared flats with either elders or people with impairments. Have a look at some of the flats here.

2. Students' Association Stuttgart: The Students’ Association Stuttgart (Studierendenwerk) also offers several dormitories and students’ hostels in Ludwigsburg and Stuttgart. You can look at some of thems here.

In case you have questions or doubts about how to find appropriate housing, feel free to contact the international office at: io(at)