Social Work (M.A.)

Social Work (M.A.)
Campus Ludwigsburg
Degree Master of Arts
Standard duration of study3 Semester
Mode of studyFull-time or part-time
Start programWinter semester
Language of instructionGerman

The master's program "Social Work" is application-oriented and also teaches advanced research methodological skills. The aim of the program is to deepen the social work knowledge and action competencies you acquired in the bachelor's program and, at the same time, to open up new, specific social work fields of action for you by choosing a focus - "Social Health" or "Culture/Media". In addition, the study program, which takes the topic of "Social Work and Social Change" in a national and international context as its starting point, will sustainably promote your critical-reflexive understanding of the profession. Social work faces the particular challenge of acting professionally in the field of tension between accelerated social transformation processes on the one hand and - increasingly complex - social as well as individual problem situations on the other; this is associated with an increasing pluralization and differentiation of social work professional fields. The overarching goal of the "Master of Social Work" program at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Ludwigsburg is therefore also to provide you with strategic problem-solving skills for this purpose, to prepare you for complex planning and control tasks in different and multi-professional work contexts.

What makes this study program attractive for you

The Master's program 'Social Work' at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Ludwigsburg combines three content-related goals and focal points:

  1. Understanding the performativity of social work knowledge: Social change, which is characterized by the main lines of globalization, individualization, digitalization/virtualization and is currently accompanied by an increasing social divide, is also changing social work. Here we would like to answer central questions about the relationship between social change and social work - for example: What does professional action mean in the face of continuous and accelerated social change? What dynamics of change are social work as a profession and discipline subject to and what design tasks are associated with this?
  2. Profiling profession-specific competencies: Furthermore, it will be a matter of deepening the competencies you have acquired in your initial studies and in your professional practice with a view to theories, methods, research approaches and legal issues in order to provide you with further analytical and reflective tools for your professional activities. In addition, we would like to profile your competence profile with a view to taking on strategic planning and development tasks (especially project, concept and research development).
  3. Expand your professional knowledge and action competencies: Through the elective modules 'Social Health' and 'Culture/Media', two central as well as specific fields of action of social work will be newly opened up to you. Both areas of specialization - 'Social Health' and 'Culture/Media' - are indicators of social change as well as important starting points for dealing with its effects on macro, meso and micro levels. In both specializations, you will also be prepared in a fundamental and cross-field manner for the complex requirements associated with the increasing multi-professional and multi-disciplinary realities of work.

Information for prospective students from abroad

All study programs at EH Ludwigburg are taught in German. Therefore, German language skills with the level C1 are a prerequisite for you to enroll in the study program. For more information please visit the Study Application page.

We offer an exchange program in English for students from our partner universities who study with us for one semester. Visit our International Office page for more information.