The Senate of the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Ludwigsburg

The Senate consists of members from different areas of the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Ludwigsburg. The Rector is the chairperson. This body decides on matters of research, teaching, studies as well as further education which are of fundamental importance.

Tasks of the Senate:

The Senate decides on the main features of the structural and university development planning as well as its regular updating and monitors its implementation. The university development plan covers a period of five years and, taking into account the principles of equality, contains in particular

  • the tasks of the university,
  • the planned professional, structural, personnel and financial development,
  • the focal points of teaching and research,
  • the targeted number of study places for the individual degree programs, and
  • an equal opportunity plan for the university's male and female teachers.

Further tasks of the Senate are:

  • Adopting resolutions to amend the constitution in consultation with the Oberkrichenrat,
  • Adoption of general rules of procedure that apply to the university's bodies unless they adopt their own rules of procedure,
  • Adoption of electoral regulations for elections to the university's bodies,
  • Adoption of rules of procedure,
  • Discussion on draft regulations and statutes of the university,
  • Proposing to the Board of Trustees the appointment and dismissal of the Rector and the Vice-Rector,
  • Opinion on the hiring and dismissal of the Chancellor,
  • Discussion of the annual report of the Rector,
  • Discussion of the annual report of commissioners,
  • Discussion of the draft budget and staffing plan,
  • Adoption of resolutions on the establishment or dissolution of study programs,
  • resolutions on the establishment or dissolution of institutes or comparable facilities in teaching, research and continuing education,
  • proposals on the appointment of honorary professors,
  • appointment of an appointment committee for the appointment of university professors and lecturers.
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