International Projects and Programs

Here you find examples of current and past international projects and programs at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Ludwigsburg. 

The Double Degree Bachelor Program in International Social Work offers a seven semester study course jointly implemented by the Protestant University of Ludwigsburg and another European University.  At the end of this study program, students are awarded a double academic recognition from both universities.

Double Degree Programm with Newman University Birmingham/UK (NUB):  This program is no longer available to first-year students from WiSe 20/21 onwards. The last class of students who began their studies in winter semester 19/20 will graduate in 2023. This joint project with Newman University Birmingham will then come to an end.

Double Degree Programm with VIVES University of Applies Sciences in Kortrijk/Belgium (VIVES): Students of the International Social Work program can apply for this double degree program during their first semester of study. If students of the Social Work program have the appropriate qualification, they can also apply for the double degree program.


The Protestant University of Applied Sciences is part of the European Union Erasmus+ program.

Erasmus Code: DLUDWIGB06