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Studying and Working in international and intercultural contexts - International Week in Belgium

Spending a semester abroad is one way for students and teachers to learn and work together with different universities, to jointly address global issues and engage in becoming active. Joint teaching and studying in intensive week programmes is another way. In November, students and teachers of EH Ludwigsburg were part of a truly inspiring international experience.

From 13th to 17th of November 2017, 10 students of EH Ludwigsburg took part in the "International and Intercultural Week" in Kortrijk, Belgium. The International Week was organized by our Erasmus+ Partner Vives University College. Goal of this inter-institutional event is to enable both teachers and students from a borad range of international universities to share their experience and closely work together in joint seminars and classes. At Vives University College, teachers and students engaged in the question of how different nations, institutions and individuals from all over the world address and adapt the Sustainable Development Goals (the United Nations' Post 2030 - Framework for international development).