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Diversity Inclusion for Social Cohesion (DISCO)

IP-DISCO took place from 29th May to 11th June 2011. The Intensive Program brought 30 diverse students and approximately 14 experts from different universities together in a 10 day social learning laboratory.  
Students and Professors lived, worked and studied together to experience the limits and challenges of tolerance or respect, exclusion or inclusion, dialogue or division. Activities included innovative contributions from experts who will facilitate group work and lead discussions. There were interactive visits to communities and organizations dealing with inclusive citizenship, diversity issues and social cohesion.

Inclusive European citizenship is a theme gaining critical importance when it comes to issues of conflict and cooperation among diverse communities in Europe today. NGOs and state institutions work with universities to support professionals in handling contentious diversity issues and cultural differences.

The purpose of the IP DISCO was to study how different institutions and communities work with the question of social cohesion in Europe today. Universities are in agreement over the need for didactical approaches that bring about new competences for young professionals.

Social workers and similar professionals face the ever growing challenge posed by an expanding Europe. The question remains on how diversity can serve as social capital for community cohesion.

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